Does anyone know where the source code is located for the built in Laravel 5 helper functions like view() and str_limit()? I am curious to see how they are doing things in the background.


view function is located under


line number 585

content is as follows:

if ( ! function_exists('view'))
 * Get the evaluated view contents for the given view.
 * @param  string  $view
 * @param  array   $data
 * @param  array   $mergeData
 * @return \Illuminate\View\View
function view($view = null, $data = array(), $mergeData = array())
    $factory = app('Illuminate\Contracts\View\Factory');

    if (func_num_args() === 0)
        return $factory;

    return $factory->make($view, $data, $mergeData);

start using an IDE like Php storm and you can find all this functions with a single click

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