I have four consumer when error occured message publishing to default EasyNetQ_Default_Error_Queue is it possible to each queue consumer write own error exchange

For example;

Queue Name : A    ErrorExchange :A_ErrorExchange
Queue Name : B    ErrorExchange :B_ErrorExchange

bus.Advanced.Conventions.ErrorExchangeNamingConvention = new ErrorExchangeNameConvention(info => "A_DeadLetter");

bus.Advanced.Conventions.ErrorExchangeNamingConvention = new ErrorExchangeNameConvention(info2 => "B_DeadLetter");

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From the code you've provided, it looks like you're almost there -- you just need to override ErrorExchangeNamingConvention and ErrorQueueNamingConvention appropriately.

As an example, here's a method that will return an instance of IBus with these conventions overridden to incorporate the specified consumer name:

public IBus CreateBus(string connectionString, string consumerName) 
    var bus = RabbitHutch.CreateBus(connectionString);

    // Modify the following to create your error exchange name appropriately
    bus.Advanced.Container.Resolve<IConventions>().ErrorExchangeNamingConvention = 
        info => consumerName + "_ErrorExchange";

    // Modify the following to create your error queue name appropriately
    bus.Advanced.Container.Resolve<IConventions>().ErrorQueueNamingConvention = 
        () => consumerName + "_ErrorQueue";

    return bus;
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    Unfortunately, as per EasyNetQ 6.3.1, ErrorExchangeNamingConvention and ErrorQueueNamingConvention are both changed to read-only :( and the naming convention has to be injected during bus creation.
    – tsuryadi
    Commented Dec 14, 2020 at 7:05

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