I have created a composite application which is referencing another webservice deployed on the same local integrated weblogic server. I am seeing the INVALID_WSDL error with ssl handshake exception when trying to deploy the composite in JDeveloper. I am using Oracle SOA suite 12c.

  • Its an ssl handshake error. I get it when deploying the SCA. I have configured the client side keystore to use cacerts ,server kestore to be DemoIdentity using Jdeveloper preferences. I have imported the server cert in cacerts. Also configured the keystore property in weblogic server startup command – Ayub Jun 1 '15 at 3:23
  • @jinggoy how do I refer Oracle Doc ID 1327811.1 – Ayub Jun 1 '15 at 7:15

Look at your soa_server.diagnostics.log, I think the INVALID_WSDL is a generic error, and you should look for more details. If you're calling a secured web service over SSL, make sure the certificates are imported to your Weblogic's Java Keystores.

Refer to Oracle Doc ID 1327811.1 for more details.


It seems that your are using a clustered environment, with separated SOA nodes.

Certificates might be imported into the first node and not the second.

Make sure that both nodes are equal.

  • I am using single node which is integrated in JDeveloper. The SSL handshake error goes away if I recreate the solution for BPEL process. However when I create the manual task and generate the task form the error comes back. I tried restarting the server, recreating the complete example again but the error comes back. I am using default demo keystore and demo truststore. Server is an integrated node in JDeveloper. – Ayub Jun 26 '15 at 14:23

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