I would like to use a variable in the setState function in a JSX file for React.

How would I restructure this code:

var name = e.target.name;
if(name == "title"){
    this.setState({ title: e.target.value});
else if(name == "date"){
    this.setState({ date: e.target.value});
else if(name == "amount"){
    this.setState({ amount: e.target.value});

Into something like this (so I don't repeat myself)?

var name = e.target.name;
this.setState({ name: e.target.value});

The above syntax just sets the state of "name" and not the value of the "name" variable.



var newState = {};
newState[e.target.name] = e.target.value;
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    Simple and Sexy to Understand. thanks a lot – AmerllicA Jan 7 '18 at 5:56
var update = {};
update[e.target.name] = e.target.value;

If you're using an ES6 transpliler that supports computed property names (like Babel), you can do:

this.setState({[e.target.name]: e.target.value});

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