I am willing to install the latest release of Orion Context Broker (ReleaseName: 4.3.2 / Version: 0.22.0) from https://forge.fiware.org/frs/?group_id=7#title_data-orioncontextbroker on Ubuntu 15.04..

I did some research on this issue already. To be precise it became a longer description. If that's to much text just reading the bold parts will probably do.

I managed the absence of a native .deb-package (see this) by using converting (alien --scripts contextBroker-0.22.0-1.x86_64.rpm ) the existing .rpm-package.

After relinking several libraries (ln -s libboost_XZY-mt.so.5 libboost_XZY.so) and trying to start contextBroker I got this

Error Message:
contextBroker: symbol lookup error: contextBroker: undefined symbol: _ZN5boost6detail17once_global_epochE

It turned out due to the change from version 1.34.1 to 1.35.0 of the boost-libs this symbol (function call) was deleted. (!) That was in 2011 (!).

This lib (1.35.0) is so old it is not even longer available from Ubuntu repositories (it is just an empty directory). These days (01 Jun 2015) we deal with libboost_*.so.1.55.0. Even if I would want to I can't install this deprecated lib.

Is it correct that the latest release of Orion Context Broker (0.22.0) which is dated 2015-05-25 needs a deprecated lib from 2011 ?

Can you please provide a .deb-package compiled/linked to up to date libs.

Except of compiling src on my own (-> lots of make issues) or installing a 2011 ubuntu - what can I do to fix that (undefined symbol) problem?

Any help is appreciated

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With version 1.41 of boost libs it should work. At least it does in 0.21.

  • Where did you get 1.41 from? Neither at de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ nor at archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ (these are all repositories listed in /etc/apt/sources.list) is this version (1.41) available. Both repositories just offer 1.40 or 1.42. with 1.42 empty. So I dared to install [de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/boost1.40/…. I ended up with this error: Depenency is not satisfiable: libicu42 (>=4.2-1) Any ideas how I can fix that?
    – noone
    Jun 5, 2015 at 16:49
  • 1
    You have to look for CentOS libboost version and install the rpm files with alien.
    – SamuelPS
    Jun 7, 2015 at 13:45
  • Any suggestions | tips | ideas | experiences which version of CentOS to choose from mirror.centos.org/centos and | or in which subdir to find libboost_1.41?
    – noone
    Jun 26, 2015 at 8:50

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