I am building a magento webshop, which i am now trying to speed optimise. Using gtmetrix, i now have a performance grade of 89% which i am happy about for the time being.

However, the speed of the webside is much too slow, and i have optimised the speed from 8 seconds or longer, to about 3-4 seconds. But this is still to slow, as i want the loading speed to be about 1-2 seconds.

So, using pingdom, i have concluded, that it is the domain GET request which is messing it all up, see below:

enter image description here

The http://www.vinas.dk/ has a load time of 2,8 seconds, and the http://vinas.dk has a load time of 1,22 seconnds, so a total of 4,02 for the two first GET requests. I have also experienced, that this could be more than 5 seconds.

The rest of the requests of the website (141 requests) takes about 1,5 seconds.

How do i reduce the extensive load time of the two first GET requests (http://www.vinas.dk/ and http://vinas.dk), so these will be below 500ms of loadtime?


You might want to read through this guide to Magento Performance in Nutshell

You might also want to have a look at AOE Profiler

Basically, the speed issues you are seeing are the time it takes your PHP server to take the request and then build the corresponding page to serve up as a response.

Unfortunately, Magento often is not the best when it comes to speed though there are generally lots of opportunities to improve things if you work through it carefully.

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