I am trying code given in caret vignette and applying it on my data link. I am using this code to evaluate C5.0 with 10-fold cross validation and ROC metric on my data:

tuned <- train (training, class, method="C5.0", tuneLength=11, tuneGrid=expand.grid(.model="tree",.trials=c(1:100),.winnow=FALSE),trC=trainCont‌​rol(method="repeatedcv",repeats=5,summaryFunction=twoClassSummary,classProbs=TRUE), metric="ROC")

Here, training is training data without class label and class is respective class label.

However I got this error:

Error in evalSummaryFunction(y, wts = weights, ctrl = trControl, lev = classLevels, : train()'s use of ROC codes requires class probabilities. See the classProbs option of trainControl()

Can someone point out where am I wrong?


Use trControl instead of trC. Also, you don't need periods in front of the tuning parameter names anymore.

  • I have tried it, now I am getting this Something is wrong; all the ROC metric values are missing: Error in train.default(train, label, method = "C5.0", tuneLength = 10, : Stopping and few warning messages also, saying At least one of the class levels are not valid R variables names; and There were missing values in resampled performance measures. – b.bhavesh Jun 4 '15 at 5:01

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