Where can I find information of the Style values for a text control of a WiX dialog?

For example, the default text style used for the WiX dialog Title control is {\WixUI_Font_Title} & I would want to use the same style but to change the color to White. For the Description control I would like to use the default style but with the color Yellow?


The source code of WiX has the UIExtension at this folder: src\ext\UIExtension\wixlib, in it you can find the WixUI_Minimal.wxs file.

Then you will find this line:

<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Font_Title" FaceName="Tahoma" Size="9" Bold="yes" />

In case you want to change the color to white, do the following:

<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Font_Title" FaceName="Tahoma" Size="9"
           Bold="yes" Red="255" Green="255" Blue="255" />

Finally, copy the file to our project and add a reference to it. To avoid any issues, rename the UI.Id to something like WixUI_Minimal_Custom.

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    So far as I can tell, this does not work. Even changing the UI element Ids results in a massive number of "duplicate symbol" errors. This is with trying to modify WixUI_Minimal – Mark Olbert May 8 '17 at 20:42

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