Has anyone ever set up Cruise Control to build an OS X Cocoa/Objective-C project?

If so, is there a preferred flavor of CruiseControl (CruiseControl.rb or just regular CruiseControl) that would be easier to do this with.

I currently have a Ruby rake file that has steps for doing building and running tests, and wanted to automate this process after doing a checkin.

Also, does CruiseControl have support for git? I couldn't find anything on the website for this.


Yes, you just run xcode builds via the command line (xcodebuild) which makes it simple to target from CC via an ant <exec>. I've been using just regular CC, not the ruby version and it works fine. Here's a barebones example:

<project name="cocoathing" default="build">
  <target name="build">
    <exec executable="xcodebuild" dir="CocoaThing" failonerror="true">
      <arg line="-target CocoaThing -buildstyle Deployment build" />

More info on xcodebuild

And there does appear to be a standard git object here, but I don't use git so I can't tell you much more than that!

  • This is old, but I thought I'd update. I've switched from CruiseControl to Hudson and never looked back :) – Chris Blackwell Feb 21 '10 at 8:06

Yes, CruiseControl has a support for git.

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