Problem: When I run the script, Google tells me,

You do not have permission to call openById

I had copied a script from another one of my Google spreadsheets and changed the target_ssKey variable's cell reference and created properly-sized Named Ranges in both the Source and Target spreadsheets.

Google Apps Script documentation says nothing about reasons why it might not be working:


Another Google Apps Script documentation says that it should work for me because I invoke it from a custom menu:


The second link above says:

If your custom function throws the error message You do not have permission to call X service., the service requires user authorization and thus cannot be used in a custom function.

To use a service other than those listed above, create a custom menu that runs an Apps Script function instead of writing a custom function. A function that is triggered from a menu will ask the user for authorization if necessary and can consequently use all Apps Script services.

I tried putting the function into a "Custom Functions" project and then into an "Add-on" project, but still got the same error message.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong and how to make this work?

Here is my exact code:

function exportData_SStoSS() {
    //  Get the source data.
    var source_ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
    var data = source_ss.getRangeByName("exportData").getValues();

    //  Identify the target.
    var controls_sh = source_ss.getSheetByName("Controls");
    var target_ssKey = controls_sh.getRange('C2').getValue();
    var target_ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById(target_ssKey);

    //  Paste the data to the target.
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    The question doesn't include enough details to reproduce the problem specially when the function is called from a custom menu and from an add/on (custom functions can't execute methods that require permissions)
    – Rubén
    Jun 14 '20 at 20:52
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    Possible duplicate No permission to call msgBox in Google Apps Scripting (while the error message is not exactly the same the cause is and that question is older)
    – Rubén
    Jun 28 '20 at 0:12

I thought that I would throw in a similar issue that I had which brought me to this question, where I received the error You don't have permission to call by openById.

In my case I was trying to call functions from translate.gs which I copied from this example:


Note that at the top of translate.gs

 * @OnlyCurrentDoc
 * The above comment directs Apps Script to limit the scope of file
 * access for this add-on. It specifies that this add-on will only
 * attempt to read or modify the files in which the add-on is used,
 * and not all of the user's files. The authorization request message
 * presented to users will reflect this limited scope.

The culprit here is the @OnlyCurrentDoc comment. See here for reference:


Removing @OnlyCurrentDoc fixed this issue for me

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    Removing @OnlyCurrentDoc also fixed this issue for me
    – nanusdad
    Aug 9 '18 at 18:35
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    well, I do not have @OnlyCurrentDoc tag in my app's script, yet I am getting this error.
    – k.b
    Mar 21 at 16:34
  • I removed @OnlyCurrentDoc and it did NOT fix this issue for me!
    – PhilHibbs
    Apr 5 at 13:16

I found this official note which I believe clears up what caused the issue.

If your function is a custom function, that is one which can be used like a regular spreadsheet function in the sheet itself, then it has limited access to things and cannot open other spreadsheets.

The same script can however open other spreadsheets from a menu button or similar.

Link: Documentation at developers.google.com


I could resolved this issue with this autorization guide of google developers.


This entry It's necesary in json file.

 "oauthScopes": [

The method openById can be called from a "Blank Project" but not a "Custom Functions in Sheets" nor a "Google Sheets Add-on" project.

I thought a "Blank Project" would create a project that was not connected to my spreadsheet, but I was wrong. The Blank Project is connected to my spreadsheet. The other types of projects that I tried to use seem to be limited-scope versions of script projects, not able to carry out some GAS methods.

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    Is there an official source for these information ? Nov 25 '15 at 13:03
  • Best I can offer you in terms of an offical source is to do this: Open the sheet, click Tools > 'script editor'. The page you are taken to is for that sheet's "Add-on" functions. This option should not work if you made a Blank Project (but you will also lose access to things like onEdit using that approach)
    – 1owk3y
    Apr 12 '19 at 3:58

Had this same issue and came to share my solution. In my case I had two spreadsheets, call them A and B. Both used scripts bound to each respective spreadsheet. Spreadsheet B was able to write data to a tab of spreadsheet A. But Spreadsheet A kept getting the "You do not have permission to call openById" error when trying to read from spreadsheet B. I then tried adding it as a custom menu item but still the same issue.

The solution in my case turned out to be really simple. I created a new unbound script in script.google.com that calls both spreadsheets using openById. The first time running put a smile on my face as it asked for authorization. Thereafter smooth sailing.

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