I am want to make a web site which admin account can add roles. i want each role to be able to create users with certain roles . for example ADMIN can add any role! but a SUPPERUSER can create users with FOO role only and ... ! because of this purpose i don't want to use the default ASP.Net database for user/role managment.

I used aspnet_regsql.exe to add user/role management to my existing database. here is the web.config file ! the problem is i don't how to add user/role in my existing database! web config file :

<membership defaultProvider="CustomizedProvider">
    <add name="CustomizedProvider"

<roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="CustomizedRoleProvider">

    <add name="CustomizedRoleProvider"
         connectionStringName="Emtehani" />


I am using Web From project so i can't use Web site administration tool to add user and role ! . i want to add users using C# codes ! please give me an example of how to add user/role to my existing database !

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