I'm trying to upload an image captured on my SAPUI5 application to the SAP server through the Gateway oData model using the following approach


you can find my piece of code below. (imageData is the canvas object)

var reader = new FileReader();
reader.readAsArrayBuffer(blob); //array buffer

reader.onload = function (evt){ 
 var fileTarget = evt.target.result;

  var oModel =  new sap.ui.model.odata.ODataModel("<server url>") ;

function(a, b) {
 oModel.oHeaders = {
                  "x-csrf-token" : b.headers["x-csrf-token"],
                  "slug" : notifNum + ",inspectionImage,PNG,N",
                   "Content-Type" : "image/png",                                         
 oModel.create('/<service name>',fileTarget,{
           //merge : true,
           success : function(postData, response){

            var x;

           error : function(error){
              alert("epic fail")
    }, function(a) {
           successFaultCallBack.apply(context,[a, false]);
        }, false);


But when I debug the request on the server, the image content is truncated to 285 characters (typically the image content has 500000 characters). However on the browser i'm able see that the content length is correct (by doing fileTarget.byteLength before oModel.create method). What am i missing here?

  • What data type did you set in the gateway service for the image field? – Jorg Jun 3 '15 at 23:47
  • The data type is xstring. – Themasterhimself Jun 18 '15 at 13:03
  • I mean in the gateway service. The EDM primitive type – Jorg Jun 20 '15 at 1:27

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