I'm developing an application wherein I've to display the last n records based on the user input. The queries run good when the records are less. But as the records grow it takes a lot of time to get the records, which in-turn is affecting my UI. So i wanna ask is that is there any better way to get the records quickly from DB. I already have a PK column & the table has 26 columns.

Thanks, Karthick V

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Use Indexing for your table fields for fetching data fast.





If you only need the last records inserted from a single table, without heed to any other values, then ORDER BY <PRIMARYKEY> DESC LIMIT <N> should do the trick, provided you make an auto increment primary key. Order by ... desc means descending order.

SELECT <columns> FROM <table> order by <idfield> desc limit <n>

If you have multiple tables being joined together, then alter table add index (<column>) on the columns used for joins to make the searching and joining process faster.

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