Hi I did A Google search and couldn't find anything,

so I wanna learn Qt/C++ my University (I'm a first year CompSci Student) won't be teaching C++ next year which is a big disappointment

I already know Python and dabbled in LaTeX, Javascript, C++

I'm currently helping out a free software project Clementine but it's programmed in Qt/C++ and I don't know enough of both to help out enough.

Is there any tips, Tutorial, howtos out there?

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Don't learn both at the same time. Learn C++, then learn Qt. Grab a book about C++, then a book about Qt; there is no substitute for a good book.

Trying to learn C++ and Qt at the same time is like trying to learn the alphabet while reading Shakespeare.

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    +1: Because you compare Qt with Shakespeare, and I loooove Qt :)
    – ereOn
    Jun 17, 2010 at 8:40
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    +1: Because you compare Qt with Shakespeare, whose writing predates the adoption of a standardised language and therefore reads rather strangely when compared to modern writing. Jun 17, 2010 at 10:14

I don't think it's an impossible thought learning both at the same time. Since you already know Python, try learning some basic Qt concepts by implementing something simple in PyQt or PySide. Learn C++ by writing simple console programs. Once you've mastered C++, try doing the same stuff with Qt using C++. It's a fact that you'll get a lot more help and code examples from people using C++, so you shouldn't just be satisfied with using Python to implement Qt programs.


From Qt's website: How to learn Qt and Qt tutorials. Since you're familiar with programming already, the Best Practices might be of interest too.

  • "We assume that you already know C++ and will be using it for Qt development" Sorry already looked at that Jun 17, 2010 at 8:32

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