I often have a method that validates a particular value. In powershell, the convention is to use a verb within the 'get-verb' list, but I am puzzled on which one would be best for this usage.

Alternatively, if my design architecture should change to avoid validation through a method in some other manner I would welcome suggestions along that line too.

Verbs that are roughly related are: Ensure, Compare, Edit, Convert, Initialize, Update, Assert, Confirm, Measure, Resolve, Test, Write, Grant , Use .

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    What's the intended usage of your validation command? What's the workflow around it? – Etan Reisner Jun 2 '15 at 17:36
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    I'd go with 'Test', since that what a validation essentially is. – mjolinor Jun 2 '15 at 17:37

The appropriate verb for validating a value is Test. Quoting from the Approved Verbs list (section Diagnostic Verbs):

Verb (alias)   Action                       Comments
...            ...                          ...
Test (t)       Verifies the operation or    For this action, do not use verbs
               consistency of a resource.   such as Diagnose, Analyze, Salvage,
                                            or Verify.

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