I have been getting a warning since I upgraded angularjs the other day. It happens any time I open a ui.bootstrap modal.

Here is the warning I get in chrome-beta 44:

angular.js:11655 Use of "disabled" attribute has been deprecated, please use "disable"

Is this something that has been happening with the latest release of angular? Should I spend any more time determining what is going on? I have spent several hours this week looking at different reasons and I am just wondering if other users are experiencing this and what (if anything) they have been doing about it?

JS Includes

  • jQuery v2.1.3
  • angularJS v1.3.15
  • angular-ui-bootstrap v0.13.0
  • bootstrap v3.3.1 is also loading if that matters due to external loading
  • angular-file-upload v1.1.5 github

What have I tried?

  • I tried looking at where angular is throwing this warning. It is pretty well obfuscated and doesn't yield me any useful information as it doesn't provide a stack trace.

  • I have check my view html and checked on angularjs.org about ng-disabled. I did not see any changes, or maybe I missed something/looked in the wrong place.

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In writing up this question and going back through what I have done, I discovered my issue.

The warning was being generated by the following directive in my modals view

<tab heading="Upload" disabled="report.RELEASE !== environment">

Changing this to the following fixed the issue

<tab heading="Upload" disable="report.RELEASE !== environment">

disable (Defaults: false) : Whether tab is clickable and can be activated. Note that this was previously the disabled attribute, which is now deprecated.

The change is documented here.

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