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I'm new(bie) in vim. I've got the following mapping to comment my python code :

nmap cc 0i#<ESC>

I would like to have the same mapping to uncomment a line. I think I need an function to check the first character of the line. Do you know how I could do the tricks ?


edit : It's not the same as that question , I wonder how to do that without plugin.

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You shouldn't attempt to implement this (poorly) yourself; this is a solved problem, and you can choose from several good plugins. See Comment Lines according to a given filetype for a list of plugins.

As a learning experience, attempting a mapping is fine, though. Here's one approach that uses :help map-expr to check the line for the existence of a comment first:

nnoremap <expr> cc getline('.') =~# '^#' ? '0x' : '0i#<ESC>'

PS: You should use :noremap; it makes the mapping immune to remapping and recursion.


There is this plugin. It's very good and he works for many languages.

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