For Example, I have a document in my CouchDB database that holds two fields "password" and "username". This is the URL for my document: I want to retrieve the value of these fields from that specific document in CouchDB and parse it in Xcode. I tried using http-get but it just returns the entire page source.


You want to make a request to this endpoint

For a json response from couchdb just don't include _utils/document.html in between. If you do it will give you back the futon html page.

  • I also have another question regarding this topic,is it possible to use http-post in Xcode to modify the document too?If so,how? – Cheese Lord Jun 4 '15 at 5:33
  • I am not familiar with xcode but this seems to have a good overview on making http get and post requests with it. If you are new to this try making post request with a simpler library like curl first to see if what you want to do works and then translate it into Xcode – Akshat Jiwan Sharma Jun 4 '15 at 7:21

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