I'm a beginner in PHP development. In my local station, I use xampp to host my project and use localhost to set up my host parameter. But now that I have uploaded my project in a host server, it gives an error:

failed to connect to my sql: Access denied for user 'irdnir_harf'@'localhost' to database 'irdnir_harf' 

What should I set for it?

  • It probably will be localhost too, but username won't be irdnir_harf. If not, try to put there an IP address of your server. – panther Jun 4 '15 at 10:42
  • 3
    This is a typical question that your hosting provider has to answer. – arkascha Jun 4 '15 at 10:45
  • if u are using free domain then all the dettail will be provide there. everything will be changed. localhost user and password.if u are provided then your provider will know. – Mudassar Saiyed Jun 4 '15 at 10:50

mysqli_connect() has the following syntax:

mysqli_connect(hostname, username, password, database) where hostname is localhost usually.

Make sure your username and password are correct. If not set otherwise, use root as your username and leave blank for password.

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