I am using Bucardo-5.3.1 and trying to replicate my on premise postgreSQL database. I have created a master-master replication with RDS postgreSQL. I am able to successfully replicate if the RDS db is empty and pg_dump is done, the problem arises when I want to do a delta replication. When I try to pg_dump -U $PGSUPERUSER -h $PGHOST --data-only -N bucardo $PGDATABASE | PGOPTIONS='-c session_replication_role=replica' psql -U $BUCARDOUSER -h $PGHOST2 -d $PGDATABASE

I am getting the below error because session replication is denied by RDS

psql: FATAL:  permission denied to set parameter "session_replication_role"

I also tried using below command as well

bucardo update sync mysync1 onetimecopy=2

I tried using pg_restore also but it still gives ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint


Session replication (at least now) is not denied by RDS. Your bucardo user simply lacks sufficient privileges to set the value. We have this working by making the user Bucardo uses to connect to the database a member of the "rds_superuser" role.

For example, if your Bucardo user is named "bucardo", you can set this by running:

GRANT rds_superuser TO bucardo;

You will need to be connected as a user with the "CREATEROLE" privilege.

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bucardo is used to export from RDS and londiste is used to import to RDS. This link might help to configure londiste.

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