In my UITextView when a user spells something incorrectly, it gets underlined in red. How can I remove this without disabling autocorrect?


Text views have properties for both autocorrection and spelling checking. These can be set in the Attributes inspector. Or in code via spellCheckingType and autocorrectionType. In your case you would want to disable spell checking whilst leaving autocorrect enabled.

The various possible constant values are detailed at: UITextInputTraits


You can call this function where ever you wanted to check the spelling THen use bellow code

     func wordIsSpelledCorrect(_ word: String) -> Bool {
    let checker = UITextChecker()
    let range = NSMakeRange(0, word.characters.count)
    let wordRange = checker.rangeOfMisspelledWord(in: word, range: range, startingAt: 0, wrap: false, language: "en")
    return wordRange.location == NSNotFound


Use in this way

        if wordIsSpelledCorrect((yourTextField.text)!){


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