I've got a MusicTrack with MIDI Notes set up into a MusicSequence, that ¡s being played with a MusicPlayer. The problem comes when I tried to adjust the tempo by using;

MusicTrackNewExtendedTempoEvent(musicTrack, 0.0, newBPM);

Apparently this should change the TempoEvent in the MusicTrack that is being played, but it doesn't. Any idea why this could be happening?


You first have to remove all tempo events from the tempo track.

static void removeTempoEvents(MusicTrack tempoTrack){
    MusicEventIterator tempIter;
    NewMusicEventIterator(tempoTrack, &tempIter);
    Boolean hasEvent;
    MusicEventIteratorHasCurrentEvent(tempIter, &hasEvent);
    while (hasEvent) {
        MusicTimeStamp stamp;
        MusicEventType type;
        const void *data = NULL;
        UInt32 sizeData;

        MusicEventIteratorGetEventInfo(tempIter, &stamp, &type, &data, &sizeData);
        if (type == kMusicEventType_ExtendedTempo){
            MusicEventIteratorHasCurrentEvent(tempIter, &hasEvent);
            MusicEventIteratorHasCurrentEvent(tempIter, &hasEvent);
static void setTempo(MusicSequence sequence,Float64 tempo){
    MusicTrack tempoTrack;
    MusicSequenceGetTempoTrack(sequence ,&tempoTrack);
    MusicTrackNewExtendedTempoEvent(tempoTrack,0, tempo);

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