I guess this is simple problem, but I am unable to get my head around it. this is the class for which I need to write test case

public class LoginController {

@RequestMapping(value = "/Login", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ModelAndView displayLogin(@RequestParam(value = "error", required = false) String error,
                                 @RequestParam(value = "logout", required = false) String logout,
                                 HttpServletRequest request,
                                 HttpServletResponse response) {

    ModelAndView modelForLogin = new ModelAndView();

    if (error != null) {

        // Include login failure message
        modelForLogin.addObject("loginFailure", "Invalid username and password!");


    if ("user".equals(logout)) {

        // Include logout message
        modelForLogin.addObject("msg", "You've been logged out successfully.");

    else {



    return modelForLogin;



This is what I have got till now...

@ContextConfiguration({ " servlet-xml "})

public class LoginControllerTest {

@Mock HttpServletRequest request;
@Mock HttpServletResponse response;
@Mock HttpSession session;

private MockMvc mockMvc;

 protected void setUp() throws Exception {
   ModelAndView modelForLogin = mockito.mock(ModelAndView.class);


public void TestLoginError() throws Exception {



public void testLogin() throws Exception {

    mockMvc.perform(get("/Login").param("logout", "log")).andExpect(status().isOk()).andExpect(model().attributeExists("msg"));
    mockMvc.perform(get("/Login").param("error", "log")).andExpect(status().isOk()).andExpect(model().attributeExists("error"));
    mockMvc.perform(get("/Login").param("logout", "log").param("error", "log")).andExpect(status().isOk()).andExpect(model().attributeExists("msg")).andExpect(model().attributeExists("error"));


Can anyone please let me know proper way to write test case for this?


Given the code you have, there is no need to mock. A sample test case would look like below:

ModelAndView mvw =  displayLogin("error", null, null, null);
assertEquals("Invalid username and password!", mvw.getModelMap().get("loginFailure"));
  • I think you can follow the lead and figure that out yourself
    – 6ton
    Jun 4 '15 at 20:42

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