I want to service file (edit), that user uploaded to server. After saving it to blobstore, I want to load it to memory for editing. After storing file I got BlobKey in return. As I understand, I should use the following method to load it into memory:

byte[] BlobstoreService.fetchData(BlobKey blobKey, long startIndex, long endIndex)

The problem is that I do not know how big the file is, so I do not know what to pass as the endIndex variable. How, having only BlobKey, do I load a file from blobstore, change it, save new version and recive new BlobKey of changed file?


From the javadoc reference, seems like you can load a BlobInfo object that will contain your size. You just need to call

BlobInfoFactory() bif = New BlobInfoFactory();
BlobInfo bi = bif.loadBlobInfo(blobKey);
long size = bi.getSize();

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