I'm running NUnit tests using Jenkins (and the XUnit plugin), and Email-Ext to send out build result summaries.

I'd like to be able to email out something like "3 new test failures: [Names of tests that failed]." I can't work out how to get which tests changed from a previous run.

So far I have:

${TEST_COUNTS,var="total"} tests: ${TEST_COUNTS,var="pass"} pass,
${TEST_COUNTS,var="fail"} fail, ${TEST_COUNTS,var="skip"} skipped

giving 1914 tests: 1903 pass, 10 fail, 1 skipped

and ${FAILED_TESTS} giving the details of all tests failing - but I can't work out how to get just the changes from the previous run.

Viewing the job in Jenkins gives the information I need, so it ought to be possible.


Try this one:



There are ${TEST_COUNTS, var="total"} total tests of which ${TEST_COUNTS, var="fail"} test(s) failed. $FAILED_TESTS

  • I was specifically looking for what had changed from the previous build, not all failed tests. – Stuart Moore Mar 3 '16 at 16:59

Try this:

CHANGES (All changes since first failure)


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