I am in need of a way to increase the resolution of the png files created by saveHTML().

Here is a dummy script of what I am trying to do where in reality plot() is a number of nested loops:

saveHTML( for (i in 1:10){

A few things I have tried: 1) increase the animation size using ani.options(ani.height,ani.width) but I only get a larger grainy image. 2) call png() device inside the saveHTML expression and set the resolution there, but ultimately I dont get any figures. 3) call a new windows() device for plotting and setting the window size, but again this does not increase the resolution.

The most straight forward work-around that I came across is to create hi-res pngs and animate using ffmpeg. But I am not ready to re-work my script just yet.

Has anyone found a way to increase png resolution inside the saveHTML() function?

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    What do you mean "larger grainy image"? I get exactly what I'd expect, a larger png, just as if I'd called png with that width and height. Is your png driver broken? Can you point us to screenshots?
    – Spacedman
    Jun 5 '15 at 15:58
  • @Spacedman As you describe I get the larger (width x height) image as if I called the png driver directly. But I do not get an increase in resolution. So what results is a dimensional larger image that is pixelated to where you can hardly read the figure.
    – jsol
    Jun 8 '15 at 13:26

Instead of passing ani.dev="png", you can pass ani.dev = function(...){png(res=75*grain,...)}, where grain is some number > 1. If you specify the options ani.height and/or ani.width and multiply these values by the same factor grain, then you effectively increase the pixel resolution of the output by this factor.

N.B.: the default resolution 75 above might be machine dependent, I did not see it documented.

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