I'm adding a couple of yes/no push actions to my app. Whichever the user chooses, the app sends an API request in the background (UIUserNotificationActivationModeBackground) using a token stored in the security framework.

I realized just now that items stored in the security framework aren't accessible unless the user unlocks their phone.

I can set authenticationRequired = YES, but it eliminates the simplicity of the yes/no action. And on the watch, it never seems to prompt an unlock anyway, so the app can't dig out a valid API token from Security.

Is there a good method for accessing secure items in the background? I'm assuming no.

I'm thinking of instead sending a one-time token with the push payload that's only good for responding yes/no. Essentially avoiding the security framework all together for this particular interaction. Is that a reasonable approach?


  • Why do you need the token to be stored in the Security.framework? Encryption? – danielmhanover Jun 5 '15 at 18:59
  • It's specific to the current user like a password. – Kyle Truscott Jun 5 '15 at 19:05

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