I want to find something like PDO methods, that works with Prestashop DB Object, or a module, or new class that uses PDO class and prepare the statements before execution.

If I can change the following by something with PDO class

$result = Db::getIntance()->executeS('SELECT * FROM customer WHERE id = '.$id_customer);

I didn't see anything like that and I want to know if exists before make more code without prepare statements

  • Why do you need that? It works well without it anyway – Yang Jun 5 '15 at 22:22
  • 2
    Prepared statement is used mainly to avoid SQL injection. There should'nt be a reason to not use it ever if there are parameters in the query. – Daniel Higueras Jul 17 '15 at 11:06

You can use the DbQuery class for a cleaner code

$sql = new DbQuery();
//this line is optional
//PrestaShop will add the prefix to the table
//or if you want to select specific columns
$sql->select('id_customer, name, etc..');
//each where line is considered as an AND
$sql->where('id = '.(int)$id_customer);
$sql->where('name = '.pSQL('name of customer'));
$result = Db::getIntance()->executeS($sql);
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In prestashop you can use ORM like this

Db::getInstance()->insert('target_table', array(
'id_target' => (int)$target,
'name'      => pSQL($name),
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