I made an array of squares

ctx.fillStyle = "rgb(0,0,0)";
       ctx.fillRect(x, y, 20, 20); 

and I want a square to change its colour when clicked. How can I do that?

I don't know much HTML5 and need some help. Thanks.


Using jQuery:

First, we determine which cell was clicked, then you could just draw over that rectangle with a different colour:


    var x = Math.floor((e.pageX-$("#canvas").offset().left) / 20);
    var y = Math.floor((e.pageY-$("#canvas").offset().top) / 20);
    ctx.fillStyle = "rgb(255,255,255)";
    ctx.fillRect(x*20, y*20, 20, 20);


This beta build by Caleb Evans might help. Following events are included...

  • click
  • dblclick
  • mousedown
  • mouseup
  • mousemove

Link to demo on jsFiddle.

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