I am trying to replicate this sketch because I though it looked simple to replicate:


I am using a Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate Silver instead of the bluetooth antenna in the instructable. However, I cannot seem to connect to, or even see, my antenna when I open that app. I can connect to my iPhone through the Arduino serial port command line following these instructions:

sparkfun tutorial

but that does not seem to help me do anything from the iPhone side. I am pretty new to bluetooth so I am sure I am missing something so any help is greatly appreciated.


iOS does not support the Serial Port Protocol (SPP) Profile (see supported profiles), but the Sparkfun Bluetooth Mate Silver uses it as default. There are some models of the Bluetooth Mate Silver module with HID firmware that should work as an HID device with iOS. But I would recommend you to use a microcontroller with a integrated BLE chip, such as the RFduino or the chips from RedBearLab that work fine with iOS via bluetooth. Otherwise you can buy a BLE bluetooth chip and use any compatible Arduino controller.

  • drat, wish i would have known that before buying. thanks, for your help. – user3390169 Jun 9 '15 at 15:23

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