CSS3 added the <column-token> operator as follow:

<column-token>: ||

It also says:

<column-token> has been added, to keep Selectors parsing in single-token lookahead.

So, is that just an artifact of the lexer, or is that an actual operator used for something I do not know about yet?

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    I've never seen that on a stylesheet just an artifact of the lexer, – maioman Jun 8 '15 at 7:11

CSS level 4 does in fact have a column operator (used to select table cells of a column).

No idea if that's related and the token was added to CSS3 to be forward-compatile - it would be strange, but then the naming does not sound coincidental. The argument for the new token was indeed parsing convenience:

I just added a COLUMN token to the Syntax draft, matching "||". It's needed for Selectors, so it can maintain LL(1). (Otherwise, seeing "*" followed by "|" is ambiguous until you look at the next token.)

Which I admit I don't quite understand. What else could *| be interpreted as, even in CSS4? There is no other valid use of | in a selector (except inside an attribute matcher, but there there is no valid use for ||). CSS4 Values uses both *, | and || but that's not the spec the email was referring to.


This is not strictly a CSS3 feature, column-token is just one of many tokens used to parse currently interpreted CSS stylesheet by CSS parser. So it has no use for you unless you're implementing a CSS parser.

  • I'm not too sure I follow you. I'm in fact implementing a CSS parser, similar to SASS but in C++. And in the grammar, I do not see the <column-token> being referenced. – Alexis Wilke Jun 8 '15 at 8:10
  • SASS is a precompiler not a parser. This is just an operator used when a browser is paring CSS in order to render it. – Oskar Szura Jun 8 '15 at 8:35
  • As @maioman mentioned 'just an artifact of the lexer' – Oskar Szura Jun 8 '15 at 8:35

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