I like the sinatra framework, but might have to work in python. A quick web search has uncovered a few python equivalents including itty, flask and juno.

I'd like to know people's experience of these, or other sinatra equivalents. Which would you recommend?

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Okay. So I'm biased because I'm the author of Flask, but here something to help you make the pick:

  • itty - very minimal framework, Bottle is probably a more stable alternative if you want a single file installation.
  • Flask - new and actively developed, shaped similar to Sinatra but also differs in a few points. Large number of extensions for SQLAlchemy, CouchDB and more.
  • Juno - not updated for a year. Usually not the best sign.

Besides the ones you mentioned there is also Bottle which is similar to Flask but more minimalistic. Unlike Flask it also re-implements everything from ground up instead of building on an independent foundation like Werkzeug.

Other alternatives is web.py, one of the first microframeworks ever. Same rule as bottle: re-implements everything from the ground up.

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