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I'm using docker-machine v0.3.0-RC-1 and I need create a host on virtualbox without TLS verification, but I don't know if it's posible to do it? Anybody know a ligth way to do it?

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After some research about it and interchange with other user over freenode chat room, I found that in current version this option is not available, you can't set env var to disable TLS verification on creation process with docker-machine. Also some people recommend for now use solution presented on deis/issues/2230.


to start the docker daemon without tls you may simply bind it to an open port

docker daemon -H

and then your client may connect with

docker -H tcp://<host-ip>:2376

also make sure you don't have DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY or DOCKER_CERT_PATH set in your environment

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