So I am making a plugin and in the plugin config file you can put things like &b or &a and I know that there's a bukkit chatColor function for this called ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', AString) but I don't understand what to put in AString. Thanks for helping me.


AString in CamelCase says "a String".

You should place whatever text has the &colorCodes in it there. For example, if you have the String &7Hello, &aWorld!, and you wanted to get the color from it, you could use:

String myString = "&7Hello, &aWorld!";
String coloredString = ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', myString);

Which would make coloredString equal to ChatColor.GRAY + "Hello, " + ChatColor.GREEN + "World!".

  • Practically, "AString" is PascalCase (Upper camelCase: See "Variations" in your linked Wikipedia article) for "a String". – Unihedron Jun 10 '15 at 7:30

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