The following working code from Slick 2.1 returns a single integer (which in this example, happens to be the result of running a function called "foobar"):

def getFoobar(): Int = DB.withSession {
   val query = Q.queryNA[Int]("select foobar()")

How would one port this to Slick 3.0? According to the Slick 3.0 docs, the query would have to be converted to an DBIOAction. So this is what I've tried:

import driver.api._


def getFoobar(): Future[Int] = {
   val query = sql"select foobar()".as[Int]

but this results in the following compilation error:

[error]  found   : slick.profile.SqlStreamingAction[Vector[Int],Int,slick.dbio.Effect]#ResultAction    [Int,slick.dbio.NoStream,slick.dbio.Effect]
[error]  required: MyDAO.this.driver.api.DBIO[Seq[Int]]

It appears that the sql interpolator is yielding a SqlStreamingAction rather than a DBIO, as db.run is expecting.

What would be the correct way to write this in the new Slick 3 API?

  • So one thing that seems a bit off is that it requires Seq[Int], can you maybe try changing your as to .as[Seq[Int]].head? According to the docs your query should work, so not sure what other issues there might be. – Akos Krivachy Jun 8 '15 at 22:02
  • 1
    After a bit of experimenting, I've gotten sql"select foobar()".as[Int].head to typecheck. This may be the correct way of doing it, but I don't want to close this answer until I find out that it behaves correctly at runtime. – kes Jun 8 '15 at 22:16
  • @scrapdog look at this question, it might help you too stackoverflow.com/questions/32623875/… – Felipe Sep 17 '15 at 20:36

I used something similar and it worked for me

import slick.driver.MySQLDriver.api._

def get(id : String) : Future[Channel] = {
implicit val getChannelResult = GetResult(r => Channel(r.<<, r.<<, r.<<, r.<<, r.<<))
val query = sql"select * from Channel where id = $id".as[Channel]

The db.run(DBIOAction[T,NoStream,Nothing]) command would accept all types of actions like sqlstreamingaction , StreamingDriverAction , DriverAction etc.

I guess the problem lies with the driver or db configuration. So the error

[error]  required: MyDAO.this.driver.api.DBIO[Seq[Int]]

Can you just paste the driver and db configuration steps, so that we can get a deeper look into the code to identify the actual error step

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