Given that I have all the info I need stored in an :event model in a rails app. How do I add a button to a view which when clicked delivers a dynamically created an ical/ics file?

I've looked around for a few days and all the info I'm finding seems out of date or assumes that I already know how to do big chunks of the solution.


The icalendar gem works well. https://github.com/icalendar/icalendar

I use this to generate outlook and ical versions. Works great.

cal = Icalendar::Calendar.new
filename = "Foo at #{foo.name}"

if params[:format] == 'vcs'
  cal.prodid = '-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook MIMEDIR//EN'
  cal.version = '1.0'
  filename += '.vcs'
else # ical
  cal.prodid = '-//Acme Widgets, Inc.//NONSGML ExportToCalendar//EN'
  cal.version = '2.0'
  filename += '.ics'

cal.event do |e|
  e.dtstart     = Icalendar::Values::DateTime.new(foo.start_at, tzid: foo.time_zone)
  e.dtend       = Icalendar::Values::DateTime.new(foo.end_at, tzid: foo.course.time_zone)
  e.summary     = foo.summary
  e.description = foo.description
  e.url         = event_url(foo)
  e.location    = foo.formatted_address

send_data cal.to_ical, type: 'text/calendar', disposition: 'attachment', filename: filename

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