How can I change the color of the underline of the selected tab on the new TabLayout? The PagerTabStrip has a method setTabIndicatorColor(int color), TabLayout doesn't seem to have such a method.

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Use app:tabIndicatorColor.


    app:tabIndicatorColor="@android:color/white" />

Make sure you have this namespace: xmlns:app=""


Try to download below file from this location :

Try to set tab indicator color this way :

slidingTabLayout.setCustomTabColorizer(new SlidingTabLayout.TabColorizer() {
     public int getIndicatorColor(int position) {
        return getResources().getColor(R.color.color_name);

you can use setcustomTebColorizer below is the example

        mSlidingTabLayout.setCustomTabColorizer(new SlidingTabLayout.TabColorizer() {
            public int getIndicatorColor(int position) {
                return Color.YELLOW;

                public int getDividerColor(int position) {
                    return 0;

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