I just added a Websocket endpoint to my java ee jax-rs application. Within Jax-Rs endpoints i can access the role of the user via SecurityContext.

But within websocket i can't inject context stuff. So how to know the role of the user that tries to open a websocket session?

  • Is this in JavaEE 7? Injection etc is mandated to be supported. – Steve C Jun 10 '15 at 6:21
  • injection is supported and i am using it, but you can't inject stuff that uses jax-rs injections like context or security context. – dermoritz Jun 11 '15 at 7:14

For this you will have to modify the Websocket handshake. You can do this as below:

1) Modify you websocket endpoint to use custom configurator

@ServerEndpoint(value = "/someWSEndpoint", configurator = SomeCustomConfigurationClass.class)
public class SomeWSService {

2) Modify WS Handshake similar to

public class SomeCustomConfigurationClass extends ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator {
public void modifyHandshake(ServerEndpointConfig config, 
                                HandshakeRequest request, 
                                HandshakeResponse response) {

    config.getUserProperties().put("userInRole", request.isUserInRole("someRole"));     

3) Now you can access this in you ws endpoint class as

public void onOpen(final Session session, EndpointConfig config) {
        Principal userPrincipal = (Principal) config.getUserProperties().get("UserPrincipal");
        Boolean userInRole =  (Boolean) config.getUserProperties().get("userInRole");
        //do what ever you like with it
  • been searching for this one for hours. thanks! confirmed working in tomcat 8.5 – spy Feb 10 '18 at 0:20

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