I have a XML file that roughly looks like this:


I parse the file using following code:

File xmlFile = new File("file.xml");
DocumentBuilderFactory dbFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
DocumentBuilder dBuilder = dbFactory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document doc = dBuilder.parse(xmlFile)

And get the error that the entity &uuml; is referenced but not declared. What I want is that the entry is being read but not parsed in any way, I want to get the value as it is written in the file.

How do I do that?

  • I had the same problem for some weeks. But i do not found a good solution. I have use xslt transformation to transform the html entity to an xml entity and then parse the modified file.
    – Jens
    Jun 9, 2015 at 12:11
  • Does the XML reference a DTD that defines that entity, or is the XML itself buggy?
    – Jon Hanna
    Jun 9, 2015 at 12:18
  • 6
    The reason why you get an error is because &uuml; is not a standard XML entity reference. In XML, there are only five standard entity references: &amp;, &quot;, &apos;, &lt;, &gt. Things like &uuml; are HTML entity references, but they are not defined in XML.
    – Jesper
    Jun 9, 2015 at 12:33

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I tried setting:


but this doesn't work.

If you can't modify your xml content (using UTF-8 the xml can contain u umlaut), you might be able to add a DTD:

<!DOCTYPE definition [
<!ENTITY uuml "&#xfc;">

If you can't modify your xml file, load the xml contents and prepend the DTD:

String dtd = "<!DOCTYPE definition [\n<!ENTITY uuml '&#xfc;'>\n]>\n",
            contents = <load xmlFile>;
Reader reader = new StringReader(dtd + contents);
InputSource src = new InputSource(reader);
Document doc = dBuilder.parse(src);

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