In Windows, a List View can have its items grouped, as in the following picture:

My application employs a white-on-black GUI. Most of the controls (buttons, edit fields, check-boxes etc.) I have created myself, but I am kind of fond of the Windows List View control, so I want to use it. To this end, I set the background colour to black and the text colour to white, to obtain

However, I cannot seem to find a way of changing the text colour of the group header. This is controlled by the theme, so it is by no means obvious that it even can be changed, but I am confident that you all see my need: The default blue color looks horrible on a black background.

So: Is there any means of chaning the text colour of a List View group header?

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  • @Glorfindel: Thanks. I just started going through my posts fixing HTTP links. It's manageable to do it manually. Yeah, I know the Markdown puts quite some restrictions on the markup and that SUB often is used for things like footnotes (despite it being against the intension in the HTML5 specs). I don't know of any other way to achieve the smaller font size (for visual output -- you also need to think about other UAs such as screen readers, search engines, etc.), unless you can use style="" (haven't tried it). Ideally, a class would be used. Jul 30, 2019 at 11:07

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If you are running on XP, you can set the group header color through the LVGROUPMETRICS structure. But from your screen shots, you are obviously on Vista or later. Unfortunately, after XP, this message does nothing.

So, sorry, no, there is nothing you can do to change the color. You can't even owner draw them.

  • Yes, I know. It is highly annoying. All items can be owner-drawn, but not the headers... Jun 19, 2010 at 6:49

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