I've spent the last hour searching for an official Google Voice API documentation but couldn't find anything but a bunch of API wrappers in (insert your favorite programming language here).

Does a documentation for Google Voice's API not exist?


I don't believe Google has officially published an API yet.

You might want to refer to this post:
Is there a Google Voice API?


If you're okay with JavaScript you can take a look at their chrome extension, it gives you good idea on how to hack something together. For instance I've found this: http://google.com/voice/request/messages it gives you a list of messages in JSON http://google.com/voice/request/user gives you your contacts and your GV number


unofficial, but has instructions for various languages and how to do some straight http requests:

http://www.googlevoice.org/ (Web archive)


It's time to migrate off Google Voice for applications. On May 14, 2014, Google will break the old interface. https://plus.google.com/u/0/106636280351174936240/posts/MjyncJEbzxK

Google seems to be pushing Twilio as an alternative. Twilio will be available from AppEngine.

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