I'm using MyBatis 3.2, and want to map Oracle DATE data type to Java org.joda.time.DateTime data type.

Here is my configuration:

<resultMap id="something" type="com.myself.SomeClass">
  <result property="creationDate" column="CREATION_DATE" javaType="org.joda.time.DateTime" />

But I get following error:

Caused by: org.apache.ibatis.builder.BuilderException
         : Error parsing SQL Mapper Configuration. 
Cause    : org.apache.ibatis.builder.BuilderException
         : Error parsing Mapper XML. 
Cause    : java.lang.IllegalStateException
         : No typehandler found for property creationDate

Is my configuration correct? Or is it caused by my Oracle data type is DATE instead of DATETIME? Does MyBatis support joda DateTime?


I think you need to use TypeResolver to handle JodaTime to Oracle DateTime. I had experience with this with MyBatis with MySQL and you might use this is a guide that might help you with your issue.

I used this github project as guide on how to use TypeResolver: https://github.com/LukeL99/joda-time-mybatis

And in one of my mappers, I have this code:

<result column="expiryDate" property="expiryDate" javaType="org.joda.time.DateTime" typeHandler="org.joda.time.mybatis.handlers.DateTimeTypeHandler"/>

The org.joda.time.mybatis.handlers.DateTimeTypeHandler is class from the github project I posted.

I hope this would help guide you.


There is org.mybatis:mybatis-typehandlers-jsr310 for java 8 DateTime support.
I've copied needed classes to my project and ported them to JodaTime.
After that you can use type handlers in select statements and result definitions as usual.

@Select("select p.transaction_id from dly_mstr_curr_trd_prg p "
        + "where p.start_time < #{threshold, typeHandler=org.apache.ibatis.type.LocalDateTimeTypeHandler} "
        + "and failure_reason is null")
Collection<BigDecimal> selectStaleNotFailedTransactions(@Param("threshold") LocalDateTime threshold);


@Result(property = "transaction.transactionPostingDate", column = "TXN_PSTG_D", typeHandler=LocalDateTimeTypeHandler.class),

Here is example of ported class:

 * @author Tomas Rohovsky
public class LocalDateTypeHandler extends BaseTypeHandler<LocalDate> {

    public void setNonNullParameter(PreparedStatement ps, int i, LocalDate parameter, JdbcType jdbcType)
            throws SQLException {
        ps.setDate(i, Date.valueOf(parameter.toString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")));

    public LocalDate getNullableResult(ResultSet rs, String columnName) throws SQLException {
        Date date = rs.getDate(columnName);
        return getLocalDate(date);

    public LocalDate getNullableResult(ResultSet rs, int columnIndex) throws SQLException {
        Date date = rs.getDate(columnIndex);
        return getLocalDate(date);

    public LocalDate getNullableResult(CallableStatement cs, int columnIndex) throws SQLException {
        Date date = cs.getDate(columnIndex);
        return getLocalDate(date);

    private static LocalDate getLocalDate(Date date) {
        return date == null ? null : LocalDate.parse(date.toLocalDate().toString());

I think MyBatis don't support Joda DateTime. It maybe caused by mybatis couldn't serialize Joda DateTime object into correct format for JDBC sql. So, you must use Java type "Date".

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    You can use JodaTime with MyBatis – Francis Zabala Jun 10 '15 at 3:18
  • Thanks for yours. – Peter Pan Jun 10 '15 at 3:37

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