During installation of Microsoft office 2010, I get the following error, which really confuses me:

setup cannot find office.en-us\dwtrig20.

When I choose the folder that the office.en-us where dwtrig.exe file located it displays invalid destination.

  • This problem is related to some language settings. I had same issue, but surprisingly was able to install it using different language version. If you know Spanish/German/Russian/etc try to install that. There is probably a way to switch back to English later, although I wasnt able to do it in settings. – Mike Twc Apr 30 '18 at 20:18

the reason that makes such ''setup cannot find office.en-us\dwtrig20.exe'' error is that it may have some some fragments from the previously existing Ms Office.

please fix it with Fixer click here to download and install. follow the instructions of the software.


Read the following page to fix your problem.

how to fix ''setup cannot find office.en-us\dwtrig20.exe'' error

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