I installed Magento on google cloud using bitnami's Magneto Auto Installer and it worked well. now i'm trying to update the magento files using ftp. I have connected ftp with google cloud storage and its working fine.

but only problem is it does not allow me to change files in any way, i can't update, delete or rename the files. It's showing me error like you dont have permission to change file. I also tried to change file permission but it's also not letting me change file permission.

I'm a newbie in google cloud and any help will be very much appreciated.



Bitnami developer here,

You need to download the SSH key for your server in PPK or PEM format. This links explains how to upload files using SFTP: https://wiki.bitnami.com/Google_Cloud_Platform/Servers#How_to_upload_files_to_the_server_with_SFTP.3f

I hope it helps

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