I am looking to reverse an array of strings. For example the original array would look like this

var array = ["lizard", "Rhino", "Monkey"]

and the end result should be those words reversed in the same order like this remaining in one array:

["drazil", "onihR", "yeknoM"]

what I have now is this and I am reversing the strings correctly however it is making 3 separate arrays and all of the strings are separated by commas.

var array = ["lizard", "Rhino", "Monkey"]

for index in (array) {

[d, r, a, z, i, l]
[o, n, i, h, R]
[y, e, k, n, o, M]

any help would be appreciated thank you.

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A shorter way is to map the array of strings and reverse the characters and then initialize a String from them.

Swift 2.0:

let array = ["lizard", "Rhino", "Monkey"]
let reversed = array.map() { String($0.characters.reverse()) }
print(reversed) // [drazil, onihR, yeknoM]

Swift 1.2:

let array = ["lizard", "Rhino", "Monkey"]
let reversed = array.map() { String(reverse($0)) }
print(reversed) // [drazil, onihR, yeknoM]

For swift 3.0

func reverseAString(value :String) -> String {
    return  (String(value.characters.reversed()))

Thats It!!

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