When you click on Help, I see the item "Toggle Developer Tools".

I just want to ask what is the use of the Developer Tools inside VS Code. I don't see any information in the docs.


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When you select the option Help > Toggle Developer Tools, the Chrome DevTools window should open. Visual Studio Code is built with Electron, which is simply put a wrapper or container for creating desktop applications built with HTML and Javascript.

With this in mind, the Developer Tools can be especially handy if you're debugging or developing plugins, or IDE specifics for Visual Studio Code itself.


In mycase, can not find in Toggle Developer Tools from Help, but find CommandPalette(Cmd+P and type '>').

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    You opening command palette with cmd + shift + p and you access files with cmd + p. The first one is basically just prefixing by a > yeah.
    – kissu
    Jan 19, 2021 at 16:58

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