I am re-engineering and rebuilding a Fisher Price robotic dog (the name of the dog is unknown to me but it is similar to the Fisher Price Rocket the Wonder Dog Robotic Pet, only this one came with a leash rather than a controller...) and I would like to find out what language they may have used. I'm currently turning the electrical output from the micro-controller to binary to figure out what languege it is, but i'm not very good at this kinda stuff, so it would more than likely take weeks to years to do, and i would like to cut that time down in any way possible... Please help!


It is difficult to say just looking at a binary (or even assembly) code... Personally, I think they could have done two things:

1) They could be using a high-level, interpreted language (Python for example) with some library built ad hoc for their projects, so as to make data and signals manipulations extremely easy;

2) They could be using C/C++, which are both excellent for processing signals and for the range of operations they let you perform.

2bis) Maybe they started to use robotC: this is a recently developed C-like language, which has all the low level features of C, but is thought for robots and signals processing, with good debugging features.

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