Visual Studio 2010 + Ironpython for .net4

I want to use numpy in ironpython, and they said I must use frames support. So, I should running ipy with -X:Frames or -X:FullFrames on the command line.

But, I have two questions: 1.how can i use -X:Frames or -X:FullFrames in Ironpython Interactive console?

2.If I use C# 4 to load py which contained numpy, how can I use extern parameter like -X:Frames or -X:FullFrames?

Thanks a lot.

  1. IronPython Tools for Visual Studio has been deprecated by Python Tools for Visual Studio (see http://pytools.codeplex.com). Using Python Tools in VS 2010: open Tools=>Options=>Python Tools=>Interpreter Options and add "-X:FullFrames" to the "Interactive Window Options" field.

  2. When you create your IronPython engine via IronPython.Hosting.Python.CreateEngine, use the overload that accepts a Dictionary. This dictionary parameter needs a FullFrames key set to true. Performance of Mass-Evaluating Expressions in IronPython will give you a good idea how to do this.

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