I wanted to implement logging for my web services.I have been playing around with Log4j. It's a really cool logging framework when it works.But when it doesn't , it's a pain to debug.

My problem is that i am trying to log to the database , but for some reason I don't see anything being logged to the table. I have no clue whats causing this.

In my log4j.xml i have the following line

<log4j:configuration debug="true"

But when i deploy and run my web service in the debug mode in Eclipse , I don't see logging related debug statements on the console.

I want to be able to see

  • log4j initializing and configuring the loggers. So if anything is wrong with my xml configuration i would know immediately.

  • log4j logging to the destination , in this case to the database. If there is a some kind of a sql/database exception I would know.

I am logging at the application level (the application is using its own log4j jar and configuration files as opposed to using the application servers logging mechanism)

My project uses log4j-1.2.17 , Eclipse Luna 4.4.0, JBoss EAP 6.4.0.

Can our log4j experts suggest ways to effectively debug log4j itself. Are there Eclipse plugins that can help alleviate the pain.

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