I followed the instructions on page https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/FreeSWITCH+1.6+Video to build freeswitch.

And I download and make && make install libyuv and libvpx.

But when I make freeswtich, it display the error messages: ./.lib/libfreeswitch.so: undefined reference to vpx_img_alloc' ./.lib/libfreeswitch.so: undefined reference tovpx_img_flip' ./.lib/libfreeswitch.so: undefined reference to vpx_img_set_rect' ./.lib/libfreeswitch.so: undefined reference tovpx_img_free' ./.lib/libfreeswitch.so: undefined reference to `vpx_img_wrap'



FreeSWITCH 1.6 Video dependencies are now packaged for Debian Jessie, you don't have to download and compile yourself, please make sure you're following the steps exactly how they are described.

  1. Setup the debian repo:

    echo "deb http://files.freeswitch.org/repo/deb/debian/ jessie main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/99FreeSWITCH.test.list
    wget -O - http://files.freeswitch.org/repo/deb/debian/key.gpg |apt-key add -
    apt-get update
  2. Install the deps:

    DEBIAN_FRONTEND=none APT_LISTCHANGES_FRONTEND=none apt-get install -y --force-yes freeswitch-video-deps-most
  3. Checkout and compile (make sure to do a new checkout if you already have done this before):

    git clone https://freeswitch.org/stash/scm/fs/freeswitch.git freeswitch.git
    cd freeswitch.git
    ./bootstrap.sh -j
    ./configure -C

Follow the next steps here https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/FreeSWITCH+1.6+Video#FreeSWITCH1.6Video-Compiling


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